The Blacktooth Forest and its darkness

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It happened four months ago. I was travelling to reach my uncle’s house in Blacktooth Forest. He has lived there for five years now. He likes to stay away from the people; he’s very antisocial. But I wanted to see him and my cousin. I hadn’t seen them for a while. I went alone, because my mother didn’t have any contact with him anymore because he moved away, and my mother couldn’t travel often.

Everything went well during my journey, until I reached the forest. I had never seen his house before, so I didn’t know exactly where they lived. The forest was huge, it was dark and cold. Everything around me was scary, even the trees. That forest wasn’t a normal forest: I heard noises everywhere around me. I even saw things that I couldn’t and still can’t explain. I was so confused with all those noises I heard and the things I saw, that I got lost while trying to run away. Nothing happened, except that I got injured because I fell.

After running for hours, I decided to stop and confront whatever those things were. But nothing happened. Everything stopped, the noises, the scary eyes I saw, it all ended. I don’t know why, but it just stopped and I finally found my family’s house. When I asked them what was going on in the Blacktooth Forest, they told me that they didn’t know what I was talking about, that nothing like that had ever happened to them. They thought I was crazy, but I know what I heard and that I saw weird things. When I got back home after one week, I explained everything to my mother, and she told me that the healers weren’t allowed to travel in that forest. That the spirits there hated healers and our magic. They tried to scare me away.

I want to go back there to find out what happened, why healers aren’t allowed there. But this time I won’t be alone, so that somebody sees what I saw and believes me.