Blacktooth Forest

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In Mercatopia is a place called Blacktooth Forest. It is on top of a mountain with steep cliffs and it is not easy to get there. Many creatures lives on this mountain, in caves or trees. The most feared creatures, which live the deepest part of Blacktooth Forest, are the gold striped dragons.

Each hero, at the end of his training has to get there and catch his own dragon. For him this is a sign of accomplishment and strength.

To get there, the hero will have to fight with nasty creatures, they have their own black magic power, so the hero has to be prepared: he could get blinded, burnt or have spells cast on him, depending the abilities of the creatures. Unfortunately, he cannot get there with a horse, because of the steep hills. He needs to be a master at climbing, because the black Forest is the only place in Mercatopia where you can find dragons.

After the Great Summer Storm, restored from original created by HurLy184.