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My hero likes the Topiawoods. In these woods,the most ferocious beast of Mercatopia, called Alfred, has his cave, which he lives in. Alfred is a big green beast with incredible forces. The reason why my hero likes this place is that the beast’s cave is full of diamonds which make it look very beautiful and a must-see location for all courageous heroes of Mercatopia. The beast also has gold coins in his cave, which he stole from heroes living in Mercatopia. My hero likes going to this cave when the beast is not at home, or when he is sleeping, to take some of the gold coins for himself. But there are some dangers along the road: evil heroes who use their powers to kill you are protecting the beast’s cave so you have to be a good hero to fight them, or you have to avoid them.

After the Great Summer Storm, restored from original created by crifi521