Red Sea

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The red sea, is a beautiful giant sea. It is one of the most strange places in the Mercatopia. It is a lot visited by the tourists, because it is a unique place with red unknown underwater animals. You should know that it is very rare to see an animal when you look at the red sea. Fifty years ago people said if you see a red animal you will get very lucky in your future. Since this day the residents all knew this legend.

The best way to get there is with an helicopter because in the Forest are dangerous and unknown animals and the red animals are protected of other animals, that is the reason why you have to overtake the borders of the sea with you fly engine. Don’t forget that , you can’t touch the red animals, because you will have misfortune of the rest of you life, until your last breath.

After the Great Summer Storm, restored from original created by YurZi973.