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Today is a normal day in Mercatopia. I wake up at 7am and I'm not feeling so good because I cannot continue sleeping. Then I take the decision to get dressed and to call my dragon, Kimi. I will go to my favourite place in Mercatopia, the Watchwaterfall. With my dragon Kimi I need 30 minutes to fly to the watchwaterfall.

It is a unique place in Mercatopia because every hour, a surprise comes from the Watchwaterfall. From 3pm to 5pm the surprises are not dangerous, such as the unicorns which come past the waterfall at 4pm. This takes 15 minutes and then at 5pm anoth-er surprise comes from the watchwaterfall, but after 5pm the colour of the water changes to red, which means that a very big, dangerous thing is coming, because red is the colour of the most dangerous things, such as a very big snake, an anaconda, or a lot of crocodiles. And when I see that the waterfall changes the colour of the water I have a very good hiding place but I will not tell you about this place, because then other people will come to my hideout.

This place is unique for me because when I' m not feeling well I go there and I forget all my problems for a lot of hours and I watch all the surprises of the Watchwaterfall because this distracts me.

The Watchwaterfall is one of the most important places for me because there I'm always happy and I never have bad feelings there, thanks to my Watch-waterfall of Mercatopia.

After the Great Summer Storm, restored from original created by FanLo620.