That time I met Ronald Jr. Frump and I got rich

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So basically, about five months ago, I went to Lost Island for a walk in the forest. I walked for like thirty minutes when suddenly a fat, blond, orange man fell from a tree right in front of me. I helped the man to get up when I realised that he had scars all over his body. I recognized the scars immediately. Those were scars were made by griffin claws. I asked the man who he was and why he had fallen from a tree. The man told me he was called Ronald Jr. Frump, a president from another dimension, who had got swallowed by a portal that was following him. He told me that the first thing he saw when he came out of the portal was a giant eagle head staring at him ( the griffin). He said he began to run until the griffin grabbed him and dropped him on top of the tree he fell off later on.