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Mizaki is a wonderful place to visit and live.
65% of this village is made of water and in this village there are wonderful waterfalls. This village is heavily protected by the Ninjas and the Kage of the village.
The cleanest water in the world is in the Waterland.
Sakura is the Kage of the Waterland – The sea is called Sakura, because she saved the village of the disaster that happened 3 years ago.
A group of Ninjas attacked the village to get possession of it, but lady Sakura saved the village.

The village has also plants that exist nowhere else, and one of the phenomenons of the village is, that the grass is light blue.
The village had the most highest number of tourists in 12018 in Mercatopia, but if you want to go there you have to be cautious because of the Ninjas.