Mystery Lake

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The Mystery Lake in Magetopia is a must-see place in Mercatopia. Some say that when a very experienced Mage swims in this lake, then he'll get even stronger. But on the other hand it can be very dangerous to go swimming in this lake if you're not a mage. The legend says, 'when heroes, who aren't mages go swim into that lake, they'll just get burned away by the power of the Mysterylake.' On the way to get there, only wise people will be able to solve all the problems they'll be facing along their journey. Some say that it's impossible to fight against the Mevins, (little, very hyperactive creatures) which have a special attack called Simple-mindedness, which will transform you instantly into a Mevin. But as I said, only wise people can master this challenge. Another dangerous thing is the big bridge called BigMysteryMageBridge, which crosses the birthplace of the Kevins. But once you're on the other side, everything's good. It's definitely worth to visiting the Mysterylake of Magetopia, if you're a wise and a careful hero.

After the Great Summer Storm, restored from original created by BecJo471.