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My name is Lorenor Zorro. I'm male and I'm 35 years old. My dream is to be the strongest soldier in Mercatopia. I grew up in a Chinese Temple. A monk looked after me. In my childhood, I wasn't very popular because I spend five years behind the walls of the temple. After I was released, I began my career as a bounty hunter. I arrested one of the most dangerous enemies in Alabasta. I don't know much about my family. i don't even know what they look like. I've never thought about starting my own family. I'm not ready yet.

I'm training alone every day to become an unbeatable soldier. I usually spend my time training.

I've only committed one crime in my entire life: I stole some water, because I had no money. I've never gone to prison, because I escaped every time.

I have golden teeth, because it looks epic. I have green hair, because it's something which nobody else has. I have a beard.

I'm dreaming too much. It's something like a nightmare. Every time I dream about my childhood and how my parents could leave me.

I think that Mercatopia is a good place where I can show my skills.

If I were lost in a forest, i would follow my instincts. My first idea would be to climb a tree and look for a city.

I would rather live in a dry, unknown cave.

I have had many hero experiences. I've saved many people from robbers.

I'm not really devoted to a god, but there are people who say that I'm as powerful as a god myself!

After the Great Summer Storm, restored from original created by TalAm921.