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An interview with Krypto



What's your name ?

My name is Krypto .

Where were you born ?

I born in a little city in Mercatopia where people lives on trees and the water there can cure when we have injurys.

Do you have any siblings ? What are their names,  how many are they, and what are your views about them ?

Yes, I have one brother, and he's name is Adrien an he is the best brother.

Are you allergic to anything ?

Yes, I’m allergic to big bee with 2 heads.

Do you have any pircings, tatoos, scars or birthmarks ?

Yes, I have only one birthmark and it’s on my leg and it looks like a lightning.

How do animals act around you ?

They often come to me, because I give them something to eat or I play with them. I love animals.

What do you prefer ? A hot climate ? A cold climate ? Why ?

I think I prefer a hot climate, because when it’s hot I feel me more free.

What is your opinion about Mercatopia ?

I love Mercatopia, because it’s a wonderful place and the population is very friendly, they

Have you gone to prison ?

Yes, I was in prison one time, because they have think I had murdered one person. I was in a prison for one week then they found the real killer and I was liberated.

Would you run or fight in a battle ? Why ?

I would fight, because I don’t like to lose and I always fight against my problems.

Are there any particular monsters that you hate or would like to fight ?

I don’t hate any monsters but I would like to fight with big dragons with three heads.

What is your power                  ?

I’m a Healher and I can help my friends when they need life when a monster attacked them.

What power do you have ?

I have the powers ‘’ Repose of melody, Sainthood, Ardent Faith, Greater Song of Healing, Favour of the Gods, Revive, Symphony of Restoration, Healing Circle and Prayer ‘’.

What is your worst power ?

I think my worst power is the ‘’ Melody of Repose ‘’.

What is the ‘’ Melody of Repose ‘’ ?

With this power I can give a bit of life to my friends.

What is your strongest power ?

I think my strongest power is ‘’ Prayer ‘’.

What is the power ‘’ Prayer ‘’ ?

The power ‘’ Prayer ’’ is yhulation is very friendly and ifckedsome jokes.or helping yhulation is very friendly and ifckedsome jokes.or helping when my team can hand an assignment  one day later.

Do people consider you to be a good person ?

Yes, they consider me to be a good person, because I help a lot of people and I can make people happier doing some jokes.

When you see somebody in danger would you help him or not ?

Yes, because I think if it was me, I would like somebody to help me, too.

Do you use  your power only when you need or every time ?

I only use my power when it’s necessary to defend my friends or helping people and not to make some cakes.

Thank you for the information and goodbye.


After the Great Summer Storm, restored from original created by AzePa572.