Krik Isle

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The easiest way to find the Isle is to find a boat, and travel south. It can hardly be missed due to its black sand near the crystal clear water.
It might sound like a fantastic beach where you can relax and have a good time, but in fact that black sand is very dangerous: the Kriks love visitors, especially because that’s the only time they get to eat. They are as black as the sand and they hide underneath it. And you won’t enjoy stepping on them.
But this is the only thing you have to fear, there aren’t any other dangers on the Isle and there is a very simple way of avoiding the Kriks. All you have to do is grab a bucket of sea water and while walking you have to wet the sand. The Kriks hate the water and even if they are starving, they won’t touch you as long as you walk on the wet sand.
After passing through the Kriks you’ll see it was totally worth it. I won’t reveal too much of what there is to see, but I’m telling you, you’ll be glad you made it through the Kriks and found that magical place.