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From an interview

My name is Esmeralda. I was born on Butterfly island. I wasn't that popular as a child. I didn't have many friends and I was always alone. My best friend was my dog Jackie. I love to spend time with my dog and I like to help animals which got abandoned.

I'm allergic to beef.

I have a black paw tattoo, because I have been an animal lover since I was a child. Animals love me and I can talk with them! If I were lost in a forest, I would wait for the animals to find me.

I prefer hot climates, because I can swim with dolphins.

I eat many sweets.

I think that Mercatopia has wonderful places to meet different people.

I can't read the stars, but I can read minds.

I think I have beautiful hands.

I have never gone to prison.

In a battle, I would always fight and not run, because I will always win.

I have two sisters. They are older than me. Their names are Megan and Sally.

I'm a clumsy person. I always fall.

I train with a master at a school with dogs. I have learned how to speak to them.

After the Great Summer Storm, restored and corrected from original created by CasRo060.