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What is your clan's motto?

Together we are stonger!

When, where and how did you all met?

We met all together during a fight with a dangerous dragon. At that time we have realise that we need each other to survive that battle or we would all die.

Why do you stick together?

We all stick together because we know we need each other to survive in Mercatopia.

What was your biggest adventure?

Our biggest adventure was our first metting. We had never to fight so much like this day.

Where do you want to travel as a clan? 

We wanna travel the whole Mercatopia and discover all his Mistery's.

Who is your clan's nemesis?

Our nemesis is a powerful  and very big Monster who only walkes and catches his food only during the night. One time some of us was walking in the forest to look for something to eat and they saw the Monster, who was catching some people with his long and sharp nails and teeth and then he eat them without chew them. He also has a long tongue in green colour. 

What is your clan's secret? 

We can't tell our secret because then it isn't a secret anymore.