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Currency: Flowies

In the forest of Flowly there are hundreds of different types of flowers. While some of them are just simple flowers, others, well known as "Flowies" are the things that the people use to pay. They use no money, no coins or credit cards, just flowers. But these aren’t simple flowers: each of them has a specific meaning. You can use them to buy anything you want, you just need to have them.
All the types of Flowies are kept in a special field of flowers. All of them organised by categories and secured by guardians. They might seem just like typical flowers to the people that don’t know their worth, but to some it is so valuable that they might think about stealing them. It is money, after all.
The most important categories are the Animflowy which is used to pay for the animals and creatures, and the Foodflowy which, as the name suggests, is used to pay for all types of food or drink. Then there is still the Freeflowy, which is used to pay for all the other things that you can imagine.
So technically these people have 3 types of payment, but that’s not all. If a Mercatopian creature doesn’t have enough Flowies to pay for something at the moment they can ask for a Freezeflowy. These are used to ask for some extra time to pay: you have the one-day, one-week and one-month version. The chosen Flowy will only live and be healthy for the corresponding time. They have to pay before the Flowy turns into dust... if they don’t, they have to suffer the consequences.