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A city in the south of Black Valley.

Alabasta is a small Village in Mercatopia. It has is own townhall in it's takes place in a moutainous region near the "old tree" . This village is surrounded by a big wall, which has been made of Crystals. The only way to get into this town is to ask a Miner to dig an hole under the walls for you. But this will cost you around 400 Croans. The legend says that there was once a mysterious magician which has thrown a unaccidentily magic liquid and after that everything has turned in something special. The walls have been turned in Crystal,...

After the Great Summer Storm, restored from the original by TalAm921.


In Alabasta people pay with books. People in Alabasta are very intelligent because everytime they go, for example, to the supermarket they pay with books. They have a lot of books and people read all of these books. Some books are more valuable than others. That's how money in Alabasta works. The population knows everything about other countries. When they want to buy a new house, they have to borrow books. The problem is that they have to carry all the books in their bag all day. But the good thing is that the books are not heavy.